meaningful measurement
powerful insights

– employee engagement
– communications effectiveness
– organisational culture & change

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At better-informed we help to answer the questions important to your business. Using measurement and insights to listen to and connect people; and stay in tune with your organisation. From advising on annual or pulse surveys, to research questions and continuous feedback. From understanding what survey results really mean, to powerful reports and action plans.

Straightforward solutions to real business needs.

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You might be thinking about measuring employee engagement for the first time but not sure how to make it happen. Already running a survey but could use some extra help. Or looking for a fresh and objective view on your research and how to improve.

Employee measurement can be a challenge.
Time pressures, limited resources and that feeling of ‘where to start’. Then there’s the niggle – is it really working?

As your business partner we work to really understanding your business, its culture, priorities and goals. Then, help you to find the right measurement solutions big or small, tactical or strategic. Using our nine tried and tested steps as a ‘menu’ for improvement.


We take a highly individual approach to everything we do. Combining sound business and research practice with tangible results – and some creative flair. Finding ways to bring employee insights to life. Making it more than ‘just data’.

It’s easy to get caught up running an employee survey without asking ‘why and what for’; or reaching for ‘download’ statistics in the hope it shows the value of communication.

Rarely does this deliver meaningful results. And hardly ever does it quantify a return on investment.